I definitely can't say that I'm a photographer by any means, but there's times that I like to go out and take a photograph or two.  We have 2 cameras.  We primarily use our Hewlett Packard R717 digital camera.  We also have an Olympus Stylus Epic 170 QD film camera.  We don't use this one as much, as we've gotten spoiled having a 1 GB memory card for our digital camera.  That lets you take around 400+ photos before having to delete any. 

Here are some of the Photos that either my wife or I have taken over the years.  I'll try to list who took them, if I can remember that is.  Click on the photo for a larger view.


This is me flying a quad kite for the first time down in the Outer Banks, NC this year.  Chris took the picture.

These are the flowers on my dogwood tree at the house.  I took this in the Spring.

This is Ocracoke light house down in the Outer Banks, NC.  By the way, did I mention that I'm pretty good with Photoshop?  We weren't lucky enough to be there on a day with a rainbow, but I had another photo that I thought the rainbow was nice.  So I combined the two.  Chris took a picture of the rainbow over our neighbor's house, and I took the picture of the lighthouse.